1) Hoffart-Theater (Party Friday evening)

Lauteschlägerstraße 28, 64289 Darmstadt

The entrance is in a courtyard, right next to the „Cafe Bleue“. So go in and continue until the far end of the courtyard until you reach a small door which is the entrance 😉

Parking: There are only few parking slots in the nearby residential area. You might try Riegerplatz (very few parking slots) or you go to the bigger parking area in front of the Jugendstilbad (Landgraf-Georg-Straße).

Public transport: Close to Lauteschlägerstraße, you find Kopernikusplatz, where Bus H stops. Busses F and H stops at Alexanderstraße, which is also in walking distance.

There are good food places around HoffArt theatre. Here´s a small selection:

  • Hobbit (Pizza, Salads and „Kalizzen“)
  • Havana (Cocktails, Pizza, latinamerican dishes)
  • Adega Alentejana (portugues)
  • Food Rockers (Burger, Pizza, Pasta)
  • Wellnitz Café and Bar

Sightseeing: Close by you might want to have a look at Darmstadts famous Art Nouveau Center, called Mathildenhöhe. Darmstadts Castle and the city center is also within walking distance. Very relaxing might be a visit in the Jugendstil-SPA, but don’t forget to come to party 🙂

2) Tanzwerkstatt (Classes)

Spreestraße 2, Darmstadt

The entrance is in the inner courtyard.

Public transport: Easy – the location is very close to Darmstadt main station, where all trains and almost all busses stop.

Parking: Please DO NOT PARK in the courtyard – we don’t have key to open the gate! You can either park in the Rheinstraße (some small parking areas) or you can use the car park of the main station.


  • 4 Cani (close to main station; italian, asian food)
  • Vapiano (italian)
  • Braustübl (very German food and local beer)
  • Vinocentral (mediterranean food, good wine – Sunday closed)
  • Main station (Subways, Ditsch, Rewe supermarket, McDonalds)

Sightseeing: Hm, the main station is nice, but there is unfortunately not more to see in this area.

3) Justus-Liebig-Haus / Günther Ziegler Saal (Party Saturday evening)

Große Bachgasse 2, 64283 Darmstadt

Public transport: „Schloß“ in front of the castle is a stop, where a lot of tram lines and busses stop.  A little closer is „Schulstraße“, which is served with tram Linie 3.

Parking: The easiest way to park is the Justus-Liebig car park right around the corner of the location. Also within walking distance is the parking area in front of the Jugendstilbad.


  • Cafe Chaos – very nice Café with really good food / very famous in Darmstadt
  • lots of things on the Darmstädter market place (Darmstädter Ratskeller, MoschMosch, Extrablatt, Italian etc.)

Sightseeing: You are directly in the city center with the castle and the market place. you can do some shopping or walk further on to the Luisenplatz with its famous column „Langer Ludwig“.