Anna & Eran

Anna and Eran discovered each other at Berlin’s dance floors and connected right away. Both of them had been inspired by the way Swing used to be danced at the west coast – both back in the days and now. They like it a lot to enable their students to enjoy this beautiful way of connection in both Lindy and Balboa

Anna’s life as a dancer begins in her teens with square competitions in Ballroom and latin-american dances. Even if that doesn’t swing it has the benefit that she is able to waltz and foxtrot before she discovers Paris’ Swing scene in 2008.
And it still adds to her repertoire today. Because Anna ist most happy when she is able to mix all the dances: Lindy, Bal, 20s Charleston, Collegiate Shag, One Step, Peabody – or whatever the music is asking her to do. Anna’s principal goal in class is to empower followers to dance (instead of follow only).
As DJ ‘Professor Shorthair’ Anna loves to see people swing out to her favorite 60s records and she also plays washboard with her band ‚The Wrecking Balls‘.
She puts on the wildest parties in Berlin and two crazy weeklong dance events: Swing and Balboa Castle Camp.

Anna likes to lead as much as she likes to follow, because she has a mind of her own. And that’s very visible when you watch her feet…

Eran Tobi’s passion for dancing has taken him almost literally around the globe. Travelling for dance and seeking inspiration in his path to finding his own voice on the dance floor has shaped him to be the dancer, teacher and performer he his today. Eran believes that a focus on body movement frees people to enjoy any dance, no matter what music is playing. His own dance versatility helps him bridge the gap between styles and dances. In his classes, Eran enjoys drawing comparisons to everyday life experiences to help dancers easily master even the most complex movements.
Do consider yourself warned though: Behind his soft smile is an adamant teacher who won’t stop until you feel you got it.

For those who wonder: it was first Anna&Nejc, but Nejc couldnt make it. But we are now more than happy, that Eran will be coming to Darmstadt instead.

 Neus & Albert

Since September 2015 Albert and Neus have been training and teaching Balboa regularly in Barcelona, and from 2017 internationally. Their classes mainly focus on the technique, with special emphasis on the foundations and the connection with the partner, in order to become a team where the two dancers can express themselves individually while they fly at the dance floor as one.
Albert has been dancing Balboa since 2005 and he teaches internationally since 2011. His passion for this dance has made him one of the driving forces behind the creation and growth of a community of Balboa dancers in Barcelona, ​​which is increasing day by day. He has developed his own style with a
 particular way of combining Pure Bal and Bal Swing being very musical. He has won different international Balboa competitions such as the Eurobal Cup in 2011, the BOTP Classic Open in 2013, and the Easter Balboa Championships 2013,  was second in the Open Social of the ABW 2017 in Cleveland and recently was first at the Open Mixed Couples at the California Balboa Classic 2018.

discovered Balboa in 2010 and since then she has combined her fascination with Balboa with Lindy  Hop and other swing dances, dancing, training and teaching locally, wanting to learn more and share this passion. For her a day without dancing and without having tried and learned something new is like a lost day. She got first place at the J’n’J of Toulouse Balboa Festival 2016.

Betina & Verena

Betina and Verena are very keen on offering Balboa classes in Darmstadt in order to spread the virus of their beloved swing dance within this lovely city. They get their individual dose of Balboa practice on the Balboa Weekends and Exchanges all around Europe. Beside teaching Balboa they both are part of the Balboa Heiner Crew who also teaches Lindy Hop and organizes other swing events in Darmstadt.

They will do the Beginners track on Saturday.